Auto Bavaria is the first dealership to offer specialised services for classic BMW and MINI cars in Malaysia

Auto Bavaria is the first dealership to offer specialised services for classic BMW and MINI cars in Malaysia

Auto Bavaria has announced it is the first dealership in Malaysia to offer specialised services dedicated to BMW and MINI vehicles which have achieved classic status at its Ara Damansara facility. This will cater to the needs of classic car enthusiasts looking to preserve the legacy of iconic vehicles from both brands, with operations already commencing as of November 26, 2023.

At the Ara Damansara facility, there are two work bays as well as a dedicated team consisting of a foreman, two skilled technicians and two service advisors to handle classic BMW and MINI vehicles. The services offered inclusive general maintenance, component repair, refurbishment and make good.

According to the company, to uphold the authenticity and quality of service, parts and accessories will be sourced directly from BMW Germany. In cases where specific parts are phased out, the dealership will explore sourcing alternatives directly from OEM suppliers while maintaining stringent quality standards.

All services done will be recorded in a dedicated booklet so there is a comprehensive history of maintenance and repairs securely stored in Auto Bavaria’s system. If you’re wondering what BMW and MINI vehicles qualify for classic status, the BMW Group defines a classic car as one that has surpassed 15 years after the last series production date of the model, typically after a model’s seven-year lifecycle.

Auto Bavaria is the first dealership to offer specialised services for classic BMW and MINI cars in Malaysia

“Auto Bavaria’s latest service offering for classic BMW and MINI cars in Malaysia is a welcome initiative. Over the years, we have seen passion for the brand and our cars, whether old or new, expand across the country. We believe their latest service will serve this growing market well, strengthened by our confidence in Auto Bavaria’s experts to skillfully preserve these legacy models, ensuring the continued delivery of hallmark ‘Sheer Driving Pleasure’ in Malaysia,” said Hans de Visser, managing director of BMW Group Malaysia.

“We are thrilled to introduce this exclusive service catering to BMW and MINI classic car owners. Our team is equipped with specialised knowledge and expertise to maintain, repair, and refurbish these iconic vehicles, preserving their heritage and ensuring they continue to exude the same brilliance and performance that defined them in their prime,” commented Vi Thim Juan, managing director of Auto Bavaria.

Those who are looking for BMW and MINI classic car services can get in touch with Auto Bavaria’s customer car hotline (1300-13-3338) or visit the Ara Damansara branch for further inquiries and to schedule an appointment.

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