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  • GALLERY: New Kia Cerato and Naza Forte side by side


    Many were convinced that the Kia Cerato and Naza Forte would be sold alongside each other in Naza Kia Malaysia’s new two-pronged assault on the C-segment market. They would be wrong. The new Cerato completely replaces the older (and cheaper) Forte here, as it does in all markets elsewhere.

    Here we have them side-by-side for your viewing pleasure. New versus old, if you like. No doubt the Forte was a looker. Still is, most would agree. It’s just as edgy and characterful now as it was four years ago, but you’d have to admit the fresh new Cerato is something else yet again.

    These two look nothing alike, though. You wouldn’t have guessed that one is directly replacing the other, if not specifically told so. There is a small family resemblance around the easily identifiable Tiger nose but elsewhere, the larger Cerato is definitely comfortable in its own skin.

    It’s in the interior where the biggest gains are at its most obvious. From the grade of leather used on the steering wheel and seats to the choice of soft-touch plastics everywhere else in the cabin, there’s a quantum leap in quality and ambience.

    The Forte’s interior wasn’t bad in any way; it was a revelation when it was launched in 2009. But the few years that have passed haven’t been kind to it, and with the Cerato, Kia has moved its game far forward. It’s more grown up in there, and perceived quality has been improved too.

    As with the exterior, some may still prefer the older Forte’s more traditional approach. But it’s not until you put them side-by-side that the stark generational differences become so apparent, that there’s no going back.

    So what do you think? You’ve already read our in depth launch report and reviews of the new Kia Forte – both from its international press drive in Dubai and more recently one with a more local flavour. Is the new Cerato upmarket enough to justify its new price range?

  • DRIVEN: Kia Cerato 1.6 and 2.0 on Malaysian roads


    The well-loved Forte is the car the new Kia Cerato is here to replace. That little Naza-badged car really did demonstrate the strict rules by which C-segment sedan sales work. Sticking a realistic price tag on the windscreen and standing back to watch the queue form isn’t nearly enough. Just look at the Chevrolet Cruze‘s dismal sales record. Or even the Ford Focus to a certain extent.

    Not here in exec land, and especially not in the class-conscious Malaysian market. To be noticed, the well-engineered and visually inoffensive Forte had to be priced down to the point where it rivalled cars a whole class lower, and it also had to be full of toys to boot. It was a successful formula, as of the non-Toyota or Honda brigade, it was the only model that managed to move anything approaching respectable numbers.

    The Cerato builds on that same fill-er-up-full mantra, but lives without the key edge that its predecessor enjoyed: a significant price advantage over its class rivals. Now positioned much closer to similar-sized alternatives, the Kia Cerato will now have to bank on its good looks, long list of gadgets and, this is the hard sell, improved brand image to succeed.

    Is the Kia badge now desirable enough to command little to no price leverage over the long-established brands? That’s totally up to you to decide. What we can definitively tell you, though, is whether or not the new model is worth your hard earned cash. Read on for our verdict on the Kia Cerato as evaluated on Malaysian roads.

    Click here for the full review and gallery.

  • Kia Cerato launched – 1.6 RM99,888, 2.0 RM118,888

    Kia Cerato launch-4

    The Kia Cerato has been officially launched in Malaysia – the successor to the successful Forte is available here in 1.6 and 2.0 litre variants.

    The dual-CVVT 1.6 litre Gamma II MPI unit develops 130 PS and 157 Nm of torque, and can return a quoted 6.8 litres per 100 km on a combined cycle.

    New to the Cerato, the 2.0 litre Nu MPI produces 161 PS and 194 Nm of twist, with fuel consumption quoted at 7.0 litres per 100 km. Both engines are coupled to a six-speed auto gearbox.

    Kia Cerato launch-21

    Penned by Kia’s American Design Centre in California, the Kia Cerato sports a prominent, honeycombed and chrome-surrounded ‘Tiger Nose‘ grille, swept-back headlamps with LED DRL eyebrows, a striking kick-up lower body crease and wrap-around LED rear lamps.

    Being longer, lower and wider than the car it replaces, with a wheelbase stretched by 50 mm to 2,700 mm, the C-segment sedan promises more cabin room throughout, as well as a six-litre jump in boot volume to 421 litres.

    A new dashboard layout holds a centre stack angled towards the driver and a new three-spoke steering wheel with audio, cruise control and Bluetooth hands-free controls. The driver’s seat is 10-way electrically adjustable, with two memory settings.

    Kia Cerato launch-29

    The motor-driven power steering (essentially EPS) gets FlexSteer, which offers Comfort, Normal and Sport settings. Suspension is handled by MacPherson struts up front and a coupled torsion beam out back, and those 17-inch five-spoke alloys are wrapped in 215/45 series tyres.

    The list of standard-across-the-range features is long, including door mirror-mounted welcome lamps, fog lamps, reverse camera, keyless entry and start, park assist, dual-zone climate control with rear air vents and cluster ioniser, auto demister and 60:40 split folding back seats.

    On the safety front, there are six airbags (dual front, side and curtain), VSM, ESC, TCS, Brake Assist, ISOFIX, speed-sensing auto door lock and impact-sensing auto door unlock. The Kia Cerato has a five-star NHTSA and Australian NCAP safety rating.

    What the 2.0 gains over the 1.6 are self-levelling HID projector headlamps (halogen for 1.6), a rear spoiler, sunroof, supervision cluster (dot matrix LCD for 1.6) and leather seats with air ventilation for the driver (fabric, no ventilation for 1.6).

    Locally assembled in Gurun, Kedah, the Kia Cerato can be had in Clear White, Glittering Metal, Bright Silver, Temptation Red and Golden Beat exterior colours. Kia Malaysia targets sales of 600 units monthly.

    Kia Cerato launch-23

    Also at the launch event in Pavilion KL, the winner of the Project C contest, Adam Ng, was presented with the keys to a Cerato 1.6. A total of 3,227 entries were received and the top 50 shortlisted finalists had to submit a tagline for the Cerato to win the grand prize.

    On-the-road prices including insurance are RM99,888 for the 1.6 and RM118,888 for the 2.0. Included is a five-year warranty with unlimited mileage. Read our test drive report on both 1.6 and 2.0 variants here.

    Besides live pics from the launch event below, we have another big set of images from the showroom here.

  • GALLERY: Kia Cerato at the showroom with brochure

    Our launch report of the Kia Cerato 1.6 and 2.0 will be up sometime during the work day today, but for those who are still up now in the wee hours of the morning, we have photos and brochure scans for you from a Kia Malaysia showroom thanks to reader Deric.

    UPDATE: The Kia Cerato is now officially launched – click here for our launch report

    The brochure snapshots are very details so you can see exactly what the new features of the car are, including specs and dimensions. The car in these photos look like the 1.6 litre model as it has cloth seats and doesn’t have the Supervision meter panel with colour multi-info display.

    Look after the jump for the full gallery of the Cerato and the brochure scans.

  • 2013 Kia Cerato en route to outlets, launch tomorrow


    This is probably the last piece we’ll be writing on the Kia Cerato before the official launch report tomorrow. As you can see from these shots that we snapped today en route to the office, the cars are already on the way to showrooms and it’s possible that if you ask an SA very nicely today with the intention to buy, you might be able to sneak a peek of the car in the storage area.

    UPDATE: The Kia Cerato is now officially launched – click here for our launch report

    Based on the Kia Cerato leaked brochures that we published last week, the only way you’ll be able to tell the difference between the 1.6 and 2.0 litre variants of the Kia Cerato from the exterior is the rear spoiler and the sunroof. Otherwise other specs such as the alloy wheel design look to be the same.

    While we wait for the launch report tomorrow, in the meanwhile you can read our Kia Cerato review, from the drive event we attended in Dubai. A quick check for listings of the Kia Cerato on revealed some sales advisors listing the car for a ‘confirmed price’ of RM 99,888 for the 1.6 and RM 118,888 for the 2.0.

    My favorite colour is the grey one at the rear of the top deck of the trailer, what’s yours?

  • Kia Cerato K3 specs revealed by scanned brochure


    The Kia Cerato K3 is coming very soon – Kia Malaysia announced last week that the car is open for booking and would be in showrooms on July 2nd 2013. We also saw the Cerato microsite on Kia Malaysia’s website tease a few features that would be available with the car, such as ventilated seats.

    But you can’t book a car without having an idea of how many variants there are and what the specs would most likely be, so it’s inevitable that officially brochures often make their way to sales advisors before the official launch. And then they end up in hands of readers like YK who graciously decided to send a scanned copy in – thanks YK!

    You can click on the thumbnails above for the full picture – but the gist of it is that there are two models – a 1.6 litre and a 2.0 litre, which curiously doesn’t mirror that of the Elantra which comes with a 1.8 litre for the larger engine option instead of 2.0 litre.

    The 2.0 litre model will have all the goodies including the teased ventilated seats, and it will even have a sunroof. That’s not to say that the 1.6 litre’s specs will be shabby either – 6 airbags are standard on the Cerato K3 as are ISOFIX child seat mount points, ABS and ESP stability control. Even the alloy wheel size is the same between the two cars – 17 inch wrapped with 215/45R17 tyres.

    Now all that remains to be known is the price – a quick check on Kia Cerato K3 for sale on lists the 1.6 litre version for RM97k, but there’s no prices so far for the 2.0 litre.

    We drove both the 1.6 litre and 2.0 litre versions of the Kia Cerato recently in Dubai – read our Kia Cerato Review to find out how the car is like.

  • DRIVEN: Kia Cerato 1.6 and 2.0 sampled in Dubai

    Kia Cerato

    The city of Dubai is a melting pot (almost literally so in the middle of the year) of cultures. With an overwhelming four-fifths or so of its dwellers foreign and its popular role as a mid-way stopover point for travellers from the east as well as the west, few places on the globe can truly boast of such levels of diversity and colour.

    This modern, global city recently played host to the international media test drive of a modern, global sedan – and we were there to experience it in the sun and sand, first-hand. So, if Dubai is where the world meets, how well does the new Kia Cerato meet the world’s needs?

    Some old English poet and playwright once questioned the significance of names, but clearly those were pre-Kia days. The C-segment sedan has been known as the K3 in Korea, Cerato in Australia, South Africa and Brazil, Forte in the US and Cerato Forte in Singapore.

    Closer to home, it’s been made official that we will call the new car Cerato, that pre-booking has begun and that its launch has been set for July 2, which is not at all far away. The name change seems a curious move considering the success of the Forte nameplate in Malaysia; we suppose this connotes an all-new model.

    Read on to learn how new it really is.

  • Kia Cerato – name confirmed, launching on July 2


    It’s confirmed – the Kia Forte K3 will be known as the Kia Cerato in Malaysia. The name has been officially unveiled on Naza Kia’s website, which also reveals the sedan as being the subject in the Project C contest. Also disclosed, the launch date for the car, which is July 2.

    Pre-booking for the car has begun, and a number of features on the car are teased, among them HID xenon headlamps with DRLs and an air ventilated driver’s seat for the 2.0 litre variant. The intimation – as well as that advanced by the two homologation units caught in spyshots in May – suggests two engine versions; the other should be a 1.6 litre job.

    Also mentioned are rear LED combination lamps and welcome lights that illuminate the car when the keyfob is sensed as you approach the vehicle. Not long now before we get the full picture on the Cerato and what’s on it, then.

  • Is the Kia Cerato being teased on What is Project C?


    Something’s in the air, a contest possibly tied to an upcoming car launch. Reader YF Chong sent us a mail with a link to a site called What Is Project C – apparently, there’s a contest to hazard a guess as to what Project C is, with the answer to be known later this month.

    So how do we know it might be about a new car? Well, there are five clues to help you guess, and four have already been revealed; these kind of steer things in – the first a rocket and a countdown (to launch, yes?), the second a dateline (07.2013, which would make it July), the third containing elements of the South Korean flag and the fourth an outline of a car. Guess the last one sort of cements it.

    projectc teaser

    Up to be won is what is termed “an innovative prize worth RM100,000,” which could mean the vehicle itself. In terms of car launches coming up, the likelihood is that this is a contest involving the Kia Cerato.

    The car has already been spotted undergoing type approval, so we know it’s here, and in all likelihood the remaining clues shoehorns it in: Korean, starts with a C, that sort of thing (guess we also know it’s launching in July then).

    Whatever the case may be, the size of the prize isn’t to be sneered at, so if you’re intrigued by what Project C is all about and fancy snaring the potential RM100k catch, this is where you can find out more.

  • SPYSHOTS: Kia K3 to be named Cerato in Malaysia?


    These spy photographs of the Kia K3 finally show it in Malaysian trim fully undisguised. We’ve seen the test units running around here twice before, the first time as early as November last year, mere months after the model’s global reveal. Removing the black coveralls reveals a big surprise: Kia’s C-segment contender will be badged as a Cerato over here.

    We may be unfamiliar with the name but Kia has used it for a long time, tracing back to the old pre-Forte Spectra sedan and hatchback. Australia, South Africa and Brazil only ever knew the original Forte as a Cerato, and our neighbour Singapore used both nameplates and called it the Kia Cerato Forte. Why would Naza decide to rename it now? Let the speculation begin.

    The white car pictured here has a ‘2.0’ badge on it, confirming that there will be two engine options on the new car. It appears to have a sunroof fitted, leading us to believe the red unit sans the black cutaway to be a base 1.6 litre model. In other markets, the direct-injected smaller motor makes 138 hp and 167 Nm while the 2.0 litre bumps it up to 173 hp and 209 Nm.

    Both cars appear identical otherwise with shiny 17-inch alloys (the largest design available), LED DRLs and projector (possibly xenon) headlamps. Early looks say the Cerato will retain the Forte’s class-leading specs legacy with even more style. The local launch should be just around the corner now, and more details are sure to be revealed real soon. Just remember, it’s the Kia Cerato, not Forte.


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