Volkswagen Dieselgate Archive (Page 2)

  • Dieselgate continues with Porsche, Audi office raids

    The diesel emissions scandal has yet to turn a new chapter, as it appears that Porsche and Audi facilities have been raided by German prosecutors as part of ongoing investigations relating to Dieselgate. The collective […]


  • VW exec jailed seven years for Dieselgate role: report

    Another Volkswagen employee gets the clink for ties to the Dieselgate scandal, according to Autocar – former Volkswagen executive Oliver Schmidt has been sentenced to seven years in prison an hit with a US$400,000 (RM1.63 […]


  • VW Dieselgate scandal to cost RM127 billion – report

    The long-running Dieselgate scandal that has blighted the Volkswagen Group is now expected to rack up an additional US$3 billion (RM12.7 billion) to a total of US$30 billion (RM127 billion), according to the German automaker. […]


  • Former Volkswagen engineer gets 40 months prison time, RM853k fine over “leading role” in Dieselgate

    A Volkswagen engineer has received a stiffer-than-expected sentence for his role in the Dieselgate saga – James Liang has been slapped with a 40-month sentence and a US$200,000 (RM853,032) fine for his role in the […]


  • Volkswagen diesel sales resume in US, account for 12% of April sales despite Dieselgate – report

    German automaker Volkswagen said that it has resumed sales of its diesel-powered passenger vehicles in the United States, with oil burners accounting for 12% of its US sales in April, according to Reuters. The marque […]


  • Volkswagen Group sold a record 10.3 million cars in 2016, shrugging off the impact of Dieselgate

    What scandal? Volkswagen has sold a record 10.3 million vehicles in 2016, shrugging off the impact of the Dieselgate emissions cheating scandal that surfaced in 2015. VW Group sales – which include Audi, Porsche, Seat […]


  • Dieselgate: VW settles on buybacks for US, Canada

    The Dieselgate saga has taken another step towards a resolution in North America, according to a Reuters report. The Volkswagen Group has agreed upon a settlement to buy back more than 83,000 vehicles in the […]


  • VW agrees to pay $200m to US pollution reduction fund as part of 3.0 TDI dieselgate settlement

    It’s more money out of VW’s pocket, but it’s at least one more dieselgate settlement down. Reuters reports Volkswagen AG has agreed to pay more than US$200 million into a fund created to cut diesel […]


  • Dieselgate: VW to apply updates to 1.6 TDI engine, but insists defeat devices “compliant with European law”

    A new round of recalls for Volkswagen’s 1.6 litre diesel engine is forthcoming, following its official approval by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) in Germany. This latest episode involves 2.6 million cars in Europe […]


  • Audi automatic transmission found to have emissions cheating device in the United States – report

    We thought we’ve seen the worst of Volkswagen’s ‘dieselgate’ emissions cheating scandal, but if the latest revelation from Bild am Sonntag is true, the carmaker group could be back in hot soup. According to the […]



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