Volkswagen Dieselgate Archive (Page 3)

  • Volkswagen to end WRC programme over Dieselgate

    Volkswagen is set to announce its departure from the World Rally Championship (WRC), following Volkswagen Group’s cost-cutting measures that have seen Audi confirm its withdrawal from the World Endurance Championship (WEC) by the end of […]


  • Volkswagen ordered to compensate Audi Q5 owner in Spain over diesel emissions defeat device – report

    The Volkswagen diesel emissions cheating scandal could have repercussions beyond the United States. A Spanish court ordered two Volkswagen Group subsidiaries in Spain on Wednesday to pay €5,000 (RM23,100) to an owner of an Audi […]


  • Audi to end design, engineering of in-house platforms, top-tier motorsport in doubt due to dieselgate – report

    According to a report by German business magazine Der Spiegel, Audi will be subject to sweeping cost-saving exercises by the greater Volkswagen Group, following huge financial losses in the aftermath of the dieselgate scandal. Audi […]


  • More emissions defeat devices found in VW Group 3.0 litre diesel engine; solution still months away

    More emissions defeat devices have been found in the Volkswagen Group’s 3.0 litre diesel engine, according to German weekly Bild am Sonntag, as quoted by Automotive News. The additional, unapproved software allows the turbodiesel to […]


  • VW Group’s first half 2016 balance sheet better than expected, profits before ‘dieselgate’ provisions up

    The Volkswagen Group has announced its first half of 2016 financial results, and the balance sheet is in “a much better position than anticipated.” Operating profit before special items came to 7.5 billion euros in […]


  • Lawmakers urge UK to prosecute VW over dieselgate

    Volkswagen might have more trouble to deal with if this goes through. According to a Reuters report, a committee of lawmakers has urged Britain to consider prosecuting VW over the “dieselgate” emissions scandal, accusing the […]


  • No dieselgate owner compensation for Europe – VW

    It looks like Europe won’t be getting anything like the $15 billion (RM60.4 billion) compensation package that Volkswagen is offering to its US customers to as settlement for the ‘Dieselgate’ scandal. VW CEO Matthias Müller […]


  • Ex-Volkswagen CEO Winterkorn facing five years’ jail?

    The German judiciary has targetted former Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn and a current member of the VW group management board in a criminal investigation over the “Dieselgate” scandal. It was reported in Automotive News that […]


  • Porsche R&D boss Hatz resigns over dieselgate drama

    Wolfgang Hatz (pictured above), Porsche’s research and development boss has resigned from his post, ending his 14-year career with Porsche and leaving Micheal Steiner as his replacement. Before his resignation, Hatz was under extended voluntary […]


  • Volkswagen, US firms agree over dieselgate resolution

    Following yesterday’s report that Volkswagen will be setting aside USD$1 billion (RM3.89 billion) to compensate US owners, the automaker has now confirmed that it has reached an “agreement in principle” with relevant authorities over its […]



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