Volkswagen Jetta CKD 15

Volkswagen Australia has just issued a recall for its vehicles affected by the global dieselgate scandal – particularly, passenger and commerical vehicles equipped with the EA189 2.0 litre EU5-compliant four-cylinder diesel engines.

“The relevant government authorities have been advised of this action and VGA will continue to work closely with them as it awaits further information from the head office of Volkswagen,” Volkswagen Group Australia said in an official statement.

A total of 83,593 Volkswagen and Skoda-badged vehicles have been confirmed for this recall, but apparently owners of affected vehicles can’t bring their cars in for a fix, because there simply isn’t one yet.CarAdvice reports that owners of affected Volkswagen vehicles may have to wait until next year for a technical solution from the Volkswagen Group.


Of the 83,593 units recalled, 61,189 Volkswagen passenger of them are Volkswagen-badged vehicles, including the Golf, Polo, Jetta, Passat CC, Passat, CC, Eos, and Tiguan, all of which were manufactured sometime between years 2008 and 2015.

A total of 5,148 Skoda-branded vehicles that also use the EA189 2.0 litre diesel engines were confirmed to be affected, among them the Skoda Octavia, Yeti, and Superb. Their manufacture years range from 2009 to 2015. The remaining units are Volkswagen commercial vehicles, being the Caddy and Amarok. These totalled to 17,256 affected units.

The recall is of course part of the great Volkswagen action plan set forth by the carmaker in a bid to rectify some 11 million cars globally, each fitted with the infamous “defeat devices” used to achieve targeted results during emissions tests.