There is no doubt about it – the ongoing ‘Dieselgate’ scandal has broken a lot of hearts especially amongst the Volkswagen faithful. While the matter itself is not something to be laughed at entirely, the people at Funny Or Die have decided to shed a more comical light on the issue by releasing a two minute-long feature.

The video follows three (rather dimwitted) girls as they each confront their diesel-powered Volkswagen Jettas after discovering that their respective cars had been cheating on them by emitting more pollutants than advertised – effectively destroying their eco-conscious image along the way. Said individuals then begin to retell (relive?) the memories they had shared with their cars.

Volkswagen Polo Facelift 14

As expected, multiple mentions of the Coachella music festival and pumpkin spice lattes were heard along with numerous recounts of how their fathers had also taken a liking to the diesel Volkswagens. Sadly, a happy ending was not on the cards as all three girls figured that the damage had been done and that a breakup was the only answer to their predicament.

Now, as funny as the entire video feature turned out to be, no one seems to be laughing over at Volkswagen. Amidst the scandal, the German marque lost its CEO, Martin Winterkorn, who has since been replaced by Porsche boss, Matthias Mueller. Also, three high-ranking executives are set to be let go while the firm itself could be looking at a fine of up to US$18 billion (RM79.5 billion).