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In a new report, German automaker Volkswagen was said to be overseeing the emissions test results from its headquarters in Wolfsburg. Automotive News reports that the chain of command leads back to its German base, where executives would ensure that emissions would achieve the “targeted” results.

According to the report, the vehicles were evaluated at a site in Westlake Village, California. Emission testers were on-hand to test the cars according to criteria issued from Germany. However, before the results were officially handed over to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it would be translated from English to German, and sent back to its headquarters first.

Following those results, for vehicles that failed the emissions test, a team of engineers from either Volkswagen or Audi would then be flown in to the US to spend a week “tweaking” those cars. The tweaks would then ensure that the cars were able to give off the “required” results. The brand had no engineers stationed in the US.


The brand had another, larger facility at Oxnard, California dedicated to the purpose of emissions testing for VW cars around the world as well as those for the US. The test equipment at the facilities was provided by AVL List GmBH, a company located in Graz, Austria. Spokesperson for AVL List, Michael Ksela however denied that the company had any involvement in the on-site tests.

Ksela confirmed that although emissions levels did show a 10% to 20% difference from on-road results, tests never revealed emissions to be 35 or 40 times greater. This leads to the belief that the software was installed beforehand, before going through the emissions test at the said facilities in California.

Volkswagen is facing a potential fine of up to US$18 billion (RM79 billion) along with a massive recall of up to 482,000 VW and Audi vehicles. The brand is also facing a criminal investigation by the US Justice department as well. Three high-ranking executives will be facing the sack, while former CEO Winterkorn has resigned leaving Matthias Mueller, the company’s new CEO, to clean up the mess.

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