A redesigned catalytic converter is one of Volkwagen AG’s (VW) proposals to rectify ‘Dieselgate’. VW chief executive officer Matthias Mueller said this on January 10, ahead of the NAIAS in Detroit.

As reported by Reuters, Mueller said “We have one (catalytic converter) in the works and we believe that will be a part of the technical solutions.” He expects the new catalytic converter will be able to be retro-fitted to 430,000 VW vehicles that contain the diesel testing cheat code, and bring the vehicles into compliance.

The report added that Mueller will be meeting US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Gina McCarthy on January 13, when VW’s proposal will be forwarded. Mueller has expressed optimism the proposal will help resolve the issue, while McCarthy has previously expressed disappointment over the lack of “a satisfactory way forward,” despite months of negotiations.


Mueller said the package will fulfill the expectations of the EPA, including a proposal to buy back some of the affected cars. It was reported last week that VW may need to buy back 115,000 non-compliant diesel vehicles in the US. He expressed confidence a “good solution” will be found with the EPA.

On his first visit to the US since taking over the reins at VW in September, Mueller admitted the automaker made a “huge mistake” by trying to circumvent emissions tests, and any solution to the crisis should include efforts to be conscious of the needs and requirements of the US market.