Talk about fast, and not even a complete month in at that. The dust that is Volkswagen’s diesel emissions scandal may still be hanging thickly in the air, but already there’s a book about the topic on the way and, get this, a movie somewhere down the line too.

Entertainment Weekly reports that film rights to a book proposal have already been acquired by Paramount Pictures and Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company, Appian Way. The as-yet-unnamed book will be written by Jack Ewing, an European economics correspondent who has been reporting on the Dieselgate subject for the New York Times since the fiasco came to light last month.

The report adds that the novel, which was sold to US publishing house Norton for a six-figure sum, will delve into the workings of the corporate culture at the German automaker and how it was caught out for having installed illegal “defeat devices” in its diesel-powered cars to help it comply with emissions tests in the US.

Despite stating rectification plans and attempting a swift and relentless resolution to the scandal, the fall-out isn’t expected to abate anytime soon, and the journey towards recovering the brand’s image and reputability in the eyes of consumers is going to be a very long and arduous one. The movie probably won’t help the cause, but such is life.