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  • New Acura TSX: US market Accord Euro

    Click to enlarge Acura has released a single frontal three quarter photo of the new Acura TSX based on the new Accord Euro. While the new Accord Euro will be unveiled at Geneva 2008 in […]


  • Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept

    Acura says it’s Advanced Sports Car Concept which made it’s debut at the 2007 North American International Auto Show gives a preview of the styling cues of the next generation Honda NSX, designed by it’s […]


  • Acura Advanced Sedan Concept

    Acura’s designers seem to have been going the opposite way of Bangleification – while everyone else are going for complicated surfaces, Acura have taken a few pages out of the Skoda design manual – the […]


  • 2006 Acura RDX Prototype i-VTEC Turbo SUV

    Acura (Honda’s premium marque) showcased this Acura RDX prototype at the North American International Auto Show. A 5-seater SUV with four wheel drive and a new powerful turbocharged engine. Is this Honda’s competitor to the […]



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