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  • SPYSHOTS: Fully-electric Hyundai Kona seen testing

    The Hyundai Kona has been slated to gain a fully-electric version, and here the battery-powered variant of the Korean automaker’s new B-segment SUV has been spotted undergoing trials in public. An earlier Autocar report stated […]


  • SPIED: G20 BMW 3 Series seen again, with interior

    The upcoming, G20-generation BMW 3 Series has been spotted running road trials again, and this time we have images of its interior. The test vehicle pictured appears to be a plug-in hybrid variant, judging from […]


  • SPYSHOTS: 2018 Alpina XD3 spotted in the open

    If a new BMW model warrants a performance variant – and it appears most do, nowadays – Alpina will almost certainly beat Munich to it with its own interpretation. With the latest BMW X3 having […]


  • SPYSHOTS: 2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class in AMG Line

    Here’s a better view of the next-generation 2018 Mercedes-Benz A Class, which we showed to you last week testing in Germany. Two units of the W176 replacement were spotted in this set of images, and […]


  • SPYSHOTS: Next-gen Audi A1 spotted testing again

    The next-generation Audi A1 has been spotted running road trials again, working towards its eventual debut next year solely as a five-door Sportback bodystyle, as the three-door hatch has been rumoured to be discontinued for […]


  • SPYSHOTS: Next-generation Mercedes-Benz B-Class

    The A-Class has been the leading light in the Mercedes-Benz compact car line-up, but the B-Class hasn’t been forgotten – pictured here is the test mule for the next-generation successor to the model which was […]


  • SPIED: Roush Mustang spotted bare, may get 500 hp

    There’s a wild pony on the loose. Since the facelifted Ford Mustang made its quiet debut earlier this year, not many aftermarket tuners leapt at the opportunity of modding it, but it’s about time someone […]


  • SPYSHOTS: 2018 Proton Preve spotted with updates

    Following the first sighting of the updated Proton Preve at a petrol station last month, reader Sathia Roga spotted yet another model undergoing testing on the KL-Seremban highway. You can clearly see the blacked-out bits […]



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