Another tuner lays it’s hands on the new W204 Mercedes Benz C-Class – this time it’s Kicherer. The Kicherer K35 CS takes the C350 up 34 horses to 306 horsepower, while it’s oil burner tuned variant is the C320 CDI, which goes up to 270hp from 224hp.

On the exterior, there is the customary large wheels – RS-1 19 inch alloy wheels. Dampers are now height adjustable, stabilizer bars are thicker, and the rear gets a new diffuser from which quad shiny exhaust tailpipes protrude.

The interior gets alcantara leather, piano lacquer, a carbon fiber steering wheel, aluminum pedals, and stainless steel door sills.

Let’s do some comparison here between all the tuners that have tuned up the Mercedes Benz C350 recently. Only Brabus performed major mods on the engine, increasing it’s displacement up to 4.0 litres through the use of larger pistons.

Brabus C350: 332 horsepower (bored to 4.0 litres)
Carlsson C350: 295 horsepower
Kicherer C350: 305 horsepower

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