You could say the most recent Mercedes Benz E-Class model spearheaded Mercedes Benz’s new reputation for bad quality control, something that many international members of the automotive industry have been talking about. A pity though, as my uncle-ish taste (I drive a Perdana don’t I?) is fond of the E’s looks.

The boys at Stuttgart did an amazing rebound recentty though. After years of what some call a humiliatingly low position in the J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey, the recently redesigned Mercedes Benz E-Class has come up tops in the premium mid-sized category of the most recent IQS! The new S-Class also topped the large mid-sized sedan category, but in a tied position with the Audi A8.

“Mercedes-Benz shows dramatic improvement, particularly with its newly-redesigned S-Class, which improves 63 PP100. Overall, Mercedes-Benz improves its nameplate rank by 20 positions—the greatest rank increase of any nameplate in the study. All Mercedes-Benz models in the study improved substantially, and the breadth and speed of these improvements demonstrates the Mercedes-Benz commitment to quality,” said Neal Oddes, director of product research and analysis.

The Mercedes Benz brand itself moved up twenty places up in the rankings for overall model quality. Combined with it’s recent disposal of the bleeding Chrysler group, there’s definitely reason for Stuttgart to be patted on the back.