PuspakomPuspakom has set up a “Premier Service Unit” for those who simply do not have the time to waste a whole day at Puspakom to get their cars inspected for purpose of ownership transfer. Just let Puspakom know 3 days in advance and a team will come to your house and perform the inspection for a fee of RM130 which consists of a RM100 service fee and RM30 inspection fee.

The teams (2 in Klang Valley, 1 in Johor and 1 in Penang) are equipped to perform chassis and engine number inspection, cut-and-join inspection, tinted glass test and emissions tests. If there are no problems and the vehicle passes the tests, a certificate will be issued on the spot. Ownership can then be transfered at the JPJ within 14 days.

If implemented properly this will be a great convenience and I’m sure most people would rather pay Puspakom RM100 for the convenience of it done at their own place rather than “runners” to get the car inspected.

For more info call Puspakom toll-free at 1800886927 or 03-20527474.