Nissan has announced a range of new drivetrains for launch this year, as part of the Nissan Green Program 2010, which main aim is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. They include new engines, a revised CVT, Idling Stop and Clean Diesel. Eco friendly and efficient cars will now come with the PURE DRIVE brand.

The first PURE DRIVE car is the new March that will be released in Japan this month. Debuting in Geneva 2010, this small car is capable of 26 km/l fuel economy. Under that little hood is the HR12DE 1.2 litre 3-cylinder engine and the next generation XTRONIC CVT.

Developed in pursuit of lighter weight and a smaller size, the HR12DE uses less moving parts and by applying bore circularity machining to the cylinder block, friction has been reduced by 20%. Besides that, adjusting the weight balance of the engine’s rotary shaft also improves noise and vibration, which is equivalent to 4-cylinder engines.

Nissan is one of the prime movers of CVT tech and it now has a new XTRONIC CVT which is 10% smaller and 13% lighter than before, while also achieving a 30% friction reduction – the latter benefits acceleration, noise levels and fuel economy. Its gear ratio of 7.3 (versus a conventional CVT’s 6.0) is the world’s largest. The new gearbox also integrates the Idling Stop system, which Nissan says is smooth enough that the driver will hardly be aware of it working. The engine can be restarted on a slope without sliding backwards

Next up is the M9R Clean Diesel engine that powers the recently facelifted JDM X-Trail. It meets Japan’s post-new long-term regulations, the most stringent emission standards in the world. The M9R utilizes a highly dispersive lean NOx trap (LNT) catalyst, a world’s first.

Perhaps more relevant to us is the HR15DE, which is the world’s first mass-produced 1.5-litre engine with dual injectors (per cylinder). The dual injectors stabilise combustion by reducing the size of the particles sprayed in the form of a mist by approximately 60%. Combined with Continuously Variable valve Timing Control (CVTC), fuel economy has been improved by approximately 4% compared to Nissan’s current 1.5. This engine powers the Juke in Japan.

The final engine is a downsized unit in keeping with Euro trends. The MR16DDT is a 1.6-litre direct injection turbocharged engine (187 bhp/240 Nm) said to have the power of a 2.5-litre with the fuel efficiency of a 1.8-litre. It also comes with dual CVTC and hydrogen-free DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating along with new friction-reduced valve springs. This motor will debut in the Juke before the end of this year.

Hi res images of the new engines after the jump.

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