This writer just got back from Japan, where the Nissan Juke is the current superstar of the motoring scene. Browse the magazine racks in the land of the rising sun and you’ll find the funky mini crossover splashed across covers and starring in shootouts. We spotted one example in a parking lot, and the group I was with swamped around it, clicking shutters and pointing fingers. Not surprising really, as the Juke is one of the boldest designs to have made production in recent times.

But even Nissan never predicted the response it’ll receive. Since its June 9th debut, the Juke’s domestic orders reached 10,943 units after one month going on sale, more than eight times greater than the monthly target of 1,300 units. The most popular exterior colour so far has been Radiant Red, which accounts for 29% of total orders. The Juke has painted plastics in the cabin, and over 59% of Japanese buyers have also gone for red here.

As a younger sibling to the Qashqai/Dualis crossover, the Juke is meant to be an alternative to the B-segment supermini class, just like how the Qashqai tempted many British Golf/Focus prospects to opt for something less conventional. Europe will get a new 1.6-litre direct injection turbo engine with 187 bhp and 240 Nm, which sounds exciting along with Nissan’s All-Mode 4X4-i system with lateral torque vectoring capability.

The car I snapped in the Japanese parking lot is after the jump. Click here for our Geneva show report and gallery of the Juke.

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