How was your Hari Raya holidays? It’s always good to catch up with friends and family from our hometowns, which is why Malaysians take every opportunity to balik kampung. But these periods of celebration are often marred by our horrible accident rate, which is among the highest in the world. To strike some fear in errant and misbehaving motorists, the police and JPJ have been out in full force this Raya.

It has been reported that undercover officers from the Road Transport Department (JPJ) have caught some 3,560 motorists committing traffic offences on camera during the recent Ops Sikap. The snoop squads were stationed along the country’s 202 “death stretches” and top road crimes were beating the red light, cutting queue, using emergency lanes and road shoulders, overtaking at double lines and using mobile phones while driving.

JPJ director-general Datuk Solah Mat Hassan revealed that the said officers travelled or stationed themselves along the death stretches in plain clothes and only equipped with cameras.

If you were among those caught on camera, expect a notice from JPJ in your mailbox inviting you for an interview, where the department would explain the alleged crime and hear your response. Datuk Solah said the interviews were necessary as the vehicle owners may not be the ones committing the offences.

Remember our previous post quoting the JPJ boss inviting the “services” of public MMS snipers? “The public have also been supportive by sending us photographs of motorists committing road offences. We will use these to book the errant motorists,” he said.