LLumar, a company that is famously known for its security tints has launched the company’s first 3S centre right here in Malaysia. The flagship centre which is claimed to be the country’s first “3S tint centre” is located along Jalan Chan Sow Lin, next to the Audi service centre. The new centre allows customers to experience various demonstrations and display tools that showcase the quality of LLumar’s tint films. The centre also allow customers to compare tint films from its competitors.

Adding to that is a comfortable waiting area with WiFi connectivity so customers can at least wait while doing something productive, as a typical full-car tinting process can take anywhere between 3-4 hours, as I have experienced recently.

More time would be needed if there is sticky residue on your windscreen, after being removed by the authorities. LLumar whose parent company, US-based Solutia Incorporated which now owns Novomatrix (owner of the V-Kool brand among others) also launched two new tint films. First up is the AVS 70 windshield tint which belongs to LLumar’s Ultra-Premium Windsreen Film line-up.

The company claims that the AVS 70 is compatible with most wireless devices such as mobile phones, satellite signal receivers and infrared receivers. This comes as good news to most of us. Putting a tint that will render a GPS or a Smart Tag unit redundant isn’t something one would be happy about. However there is one problem. LLumar confirms that the AVS tint film is non JPJ-compliant, hence you could risk removal by the authorities.

We understand that LLumar will notify the customer which tint film is JPJ compliant and which isn’t. The other new product is the Crystal 6 film. This is the company’s “darkest legal” tint with protection against side impact collision as well as “smash and grab” incidents.

Unlike the AVS 70, the Crystal 6 tint is JPJ-compliant and it covers all windows and comes together with a rear windscreen tint (from LLumar’s windscreen tint products like the AVS). The front windscreen will have to be purchased separately. Yes, unlike other tint brands, LLumar sell its automotive tint products in two parts.

When a customer walks in, he or she has to select a security tint product (total of six to choose from) followed by the selection of a front windscreen tint (also six options). Pricing wise, the Crystal 6 tint will cost you RM1,680 for a medium-sized vehicle and the AVS 70 will set you back RM900 for a similar-sized vehicle. LLumar also revealed that it will replace its JPJ-compliant tints if they are removed by the authorities, free of charge.

LLumar also mentioned that it is working on a system which will allow customers to get JPJ-approved certificates that signify the legality of the tint. Customers will be able to show this certificate to the officer in charge to prevent removal, which could be due to a faulty scanner.

However it is unknown when this mechanism will be implemented. It should make things a whole lot easier for the consumers. Have your say after the jump. You can also read a report on 3M’s Crystalline tint film here.