3M is a seriously huge chemical company and unknowingly most of us are exposed to 3M products everyday, everywhere. Apparently even the highway signboards have something to do with 3M, and I swear by 3M Scotchbrite microfiber cloths to clean my eyeglasses.

In fact, even though V-Kool has stronghold in consumer minds when it comes to window tinting in Malaysia, it was 3M that invented window tint films. But for the longest time 3M left their Crystalline series and their other tints to be handled by dealers. Now they’ve decided to come back in a big way with their new 3M Authorised Car Centers who are guaranteed to sell genuine 3M film and have a certain level of service.

You’ll find the specs of 3M’s Crystalline tint in the table above. You can click the image for a larger image. Interestingly none of its competitors say what its SPF factor is, but 3M has a figure of about 1000+. That’s not to say that the other brands have a lower SPF factor (check Wikipedia for SPF definition). But doing a little Googling reveals that V-Kool has an SPF of 233, as tested by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency. I’m not really sure what makes 3M’s SPF rating so much higher.

BTW notice that 3M Crystalline 70’s IR (infrared) rejection is about 97%+ which is a margin higher than the listed competitors. Unfortunately this also means that our SmartTag system could possibly not work with 3M (some confirmed user feedback on this, but results are mixed) where it may still work with competitor’s films which has lower IR rejection. A solution may be a little hole in your windscreen tint.

Here are a few videos from the tint film’s launch where a few 3M spokespersons gave some demonstrations on the film’s properties. For example, they used a plasma globe to prove that 3M’s film has no metal content.

What tint film are you using on your car? Please share your experiences so that everyone can learn and benefit together. I personally purchased V-Kool Elite to support them as they sponsored some prizes for Driven Season 1’s contest. Works fine with Smart Tag.