Well, there’s definitely no shortage of photos of the next-generation Kia Picanto, what with plenty available of the Korean version of the car, which is called the Morning.

Besides the plethora of Morning pix, the domestic Kia website lists some basic details about the upcoming car for the home market – the Kappa 1.0 litre petrol model, which offers 82 hp at 6,400 rpm and 94 Nm at 3,500 rpm, will be available with a choice of four-speed auto or five-speed manual transmissions, with what looks like five different trim levels to pick from.

At the entry level, the car comes with a completely gray coloured interior and wears 13-inch steel wheels and 155/70 series tyres, and pretty much everything is basic – the side mirrors are of the manual adjustment variety, though the car comes replete with driver/passenger as well as side and curtain airbags.

Somewhere in between gets you black-coloured trim for the interior, as well as black faux leather seats, faux leather door trim and a leather steering wheel, while at the top end of things (the Special Deluxe version, no less), wheel size goes up to 15-inches, with 175/50 series rubbers adorning the Black Luxury Wheels. At this level, keyless ignition, Bluetooth and steering wheel audio controls are standard fitment.

Until Geneva, when it makes its official debut, have a wonderful Morning viewing the photos after the jump.

Update: Reader Deep wrote in to say that the quoted output above should be 69 hp, which should be the case given the preliminary – if sketchy – figures coming off Kia, but according to the specs listed on the Korean Kia website, the Morning’s 1.0 litre dual CVVT Kappa pot is placed to offer 82 hp. A case of wrong numbers, or higher specification output for the domestic market? All rather murky with this one.

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