Something’s stirring in the air, and it’s an impending new fuel from Petronas. I’ve just spent the better part of the day at what was tagged an Experience to Believe event, organised by Petronas Dagangan, which teased the new fuel.

No details were revealed about the product, which the company says is inspired by F1 fuel technology. The only information that was managed was that it will offer improved acceleration and better fuel economy, and that it will be launched sometime next month (presumably, around the time the F1 Petronas Malaysian GP takes place – it’s simply the best time to shout it, no?).

The participants at today’s event were given a tankful of the mystery fuel to use in their own cars, and asked to provide feedback on what they thought about it, with a drive up to Bukit Tinggi part of the programme. As luck would have it, I’d just gassed up my ride a couple of days ago, so with almost a complete full tank there was no means to experience what the new offering was about. Yes, I know, the timing is just sucky, but happily Petronas has offered to gas up my ride next weekend, so there should be some notes about it when the fuel is launched.

Is it going to be a singular RON 95 or RON 97 product, or will the two current Primax forms be revised – and of course renamed – at point of launch? As mentioned, nothing was divulged, and though a hint was dropped that it was a RM1.90 product (which would make it a 95 fuel), the manner in which it was dropped suggests that it was likely a red herring.

What is improbable is that the new fuel will be an unregulated one like Shell’s V-Power Racing; to go down that path doesn’t make commercial sense, and 955 Petronas stations nationwide serving up the new fuel does make that one moot. In all likelihood, this will be Petronas’ version of what Shell worked with V-Power 97 – now, dare we hope for a 95 with significantly improved characteristics, while at that?

Guess we’ll find out next month!