Something a little different then. Over in Oz, the Road Safety Council of Western Australia has come up with a different approach in community education in the state with regards to addressing the issue of speeding.

The initiative is called Enjoy the Ride, and its aim is to show WA drivers that there’s an alternative to speeding, both on the road as well as in life. Rather than focusing on the consequences of speeding, Enjoy the Ride looks at the lifestyle benefits of slowing down and enjoying every day.

Ultimately, it’ll take a while – and lots of repeated attempts to press it home – before a complete cultural shift and behavioural change occurs, but it’s nice to see it being tackled in a different, and rather sophisticated, manner.

The three-minute film made for the initiative is very cleverly done, though I don’t suppose a similar approach would work for us in the same way. What are your thoughts on this, and how we can go about further educating drivers on road safety?