Volkswagen Group Malaysia has issued an announcement regarding a potential increase in the pricing of its Passat CC. The company says that with the Royal Malaysian Customs currently re-evaluating cars that are imported into the country, there has been a delay in deliveries to customers.

At the moment, the latest shipment of Passat CCs are at the port awaiting clearance and will be released once the re-evaluation is completed, and there could well possibly be a change in pricing after the completion of the exercise.

The VGM statement adds that for customers who have signed a sales contract with its authorised dealers for the car before April 7, 2011, the company will undertake to sell the Passat CC to these customers at the current retail price. As for customers who placed their bookings from April 8, 2011 onwards, the Passat CC will be sold at the new retail price, when that is eventually announced.

“We are currently working with all parties to reach a swift and amicable resolution to this matter,” said VGM’s MD Ricky Tay, who added that the company “hopes to resolve the matter as soon as possible.”

Currently, the two variants of the 200 hp vehicle available locally, the Comfortline and Sport, are priced at RM230,060 and RM245,060 respectively, both on-the-road with insurance. The grapevine speculates that an increase of around RM30k could be likely for the Comfortline, and an additional RM5k on top of the Comfortline’s revised price for the Sport, but that’s what it is, just speculation, so everyone will just have to wait for the revision announcement when it comes.