The Proton Saga FLX we talked about earlier may have more than one new thing going for it. The car is said to be equipped with a six-speed CVT drivetrain, which is surely big news for the entry-level Proton when it comes about into the market.

The engine bay photo reveals another little surprise, though it isn’t obvious upon first glance – we only spotted it upon closer inspection.

It’s an ABS brake pump located on the left side of the bay (it’s at the bottom, on the extreme left, in the photo). The shape of the entire assembly – the ABS body, brake fluid pressure pump and brake lines – is unmistakable.

To our knowledge, the Saga has never come with ABS, and there was no mention of it in the FL 1.6 Executive when that was introduced a couple of months back, so this looks very much like a big add-on feature to the car, and one that will undoubtedly be welcomed by consumers.

No ABS pump module/assembly in the FL Saga’s engine bay.

The question is of course whether ABS – and correspondingly, EBD and BA – will now be a standard production feature, albeit for the high-line versions, working its way on to the likes of the FL 1.6 Executive, or just something unique to something like the FLX?

Does the X suffix on that one mean Extra, signifying a range-topping Saga?