Yours truly was in Shah Alam yesterday when this camouflaged truck came into sight. It was heading towards the Guthrie Expressway, so I stopped at a petrol station to swap seats with my passenger. Camera out and ready, I realised that the “mystery truck” in question is the new Ford Ranger.

Covered in black and white swirl patterns to confuse and distract, we can still see the outline of the Blue Oval logo on the tailgate. In any case, the three square tail lamp design is a giveaway, and looking at the large size of the thing, it can’t possibly be any of the one-tonne pick-up trucks on sale today.

On the Guthrie, we overtook the truck for the side profile and front views you see here. And the front shots confirm that it is indeed the Ranger T6.

Recently, we saw a video of a blue new Ranger towing all its rivals, and now this. Looks like the second quarter 2012 local launch of the new truck is right on track. We will be getting the new 150 hp/375 Nm 2.2-litre engine, paired to either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic gearbox.

The range topping 3.2-litre Wildtrack model is not yet confirmed for now, but we think it’s a matter of time before the fully decked out “ultimate Ranger” hits town.

We have been previously told that the 2.2L Ranger will be competitively priced against rivals, and not far away from the outgoing Ranger. At launch, only the dual-cab XLT will be offered; other cab styles and the XL will come later. The Wildtrak model, if brought in, will be priced to match the Hilux 3.0 and Triton 3.2, despite boasting a longer kit list.

We’ve driven the new Ranger in Thailand already, and think that it’s a truck worth waiting for. Watch out for the test drive report!