Over in the US, according to news reports, a Superior Court judge in San Diego has finalised the approval of a class-action settlement between Honda and Civic Hybrid owners in the US, who claimed that their cars fuel economy was not that which was promised, in this case a combined total of 50 mpg.

The settlement agreement will give owners between US$100 to US$200, as well as a rebate towards the purchase of a new Honda. The ruling covers around 200,000 Civic Hybrids from model years 2003 to 2009, with owners of 2006 to 2008 year models set to get the higher amount due to additional claims over battery defects, the reports add.

The settlement is valued at around US$170 million. It will also award the plaintiff attorneys more than US$8 million.

The case became big news last month after Heather Peters, a Civic hybrid owner who had declined to join the class-action suit, won her case in Small Claims Court against Honda on the fuel economy issue, in which she was claiming against Honda that her 2006 Civic failed to deliver the 50 mpg economy that was promised.

The Los Angeles resident won nearly US$10,000, and Honda has filed an appeal in that case. Unlike Peter’s small claims case, class-action lawsuits only awards claimants against Honda a maximum of around US$200 in compensation, the reports said.

The reports added that more than 1,700 Honda owners opted out of the settlement, some believing that owners should be paid more, while some complained that the attorney fees were too high.