Nissan has managed to get the World’s Fastest Man onboard its new global brand campaign. Triple Olympic gold medalist and multi world record holder Usain Bolt has been an owner of a Nissan GT-R since 2009, and loves the Godzilla’s 0-100 km/h in 2.8 seconds acceleraton, naturally. That’s not all, though.

“I was looking on the Internet and I came across the Nissan GT-R, and they (automotive media) were saying it was the best streetcar ever made. Nissan GT-R is a wonderful car and perfect for me. I love everything in it. I enjoy driving it, and I feel completely safe, and that is the key thing for me,” the 25-year old Jamaican said.

This is Nissan’s first-ever global brand campaign, and it will include a series of airport billboards featuring Bolt and his GT-R. Titled “WHAT IF_”, the campaign features iconic Nissan products and technologies. Handled by Nissan’s ad agency TBWA, the ad first appeared in major airports earlier this month and will eventually reach all major international airports.

The campaign will be extended online with deeper storytelling and shareable contents via Facebook. Set to run multiple years, WHAT IF_ messages will be constantly refreshed to surprise and deepen the understanding of Nissan’s human-centric approach to innovation, the company says. Another Nissan innovation, the Nissan Leaf’s remote-charging capability using a smartphone app, will also be featured in ads.