Here is the Nissan GT-R Track Pack, the latest version of the Japanese supercar for those who think that the current Godzilla is not Godzilla enough. Nissan says that the Track Pack is more focused to set lap times on the racetrack while still remaining completely road legal. And unlike other aftermarket modifications, Mr. GT-R himself, Kazutoshi Mizuno has given his full blessing to this car.

The philosophy behind the Track Pack is not to tinker with the powertrain to increase its power. So the figures of 550 PS and a century sprint of 2.6 seconds remain. Instead, the Track Pack adds more lightness to the car as well as handling-focused parts.

The Track Pack features special lightweight six-spoke RAYS alloy that shaves 10 kg off the standard car. The front brakes now have additional cooling ducts built into the carbon front splitter that reduces operating temperature by 100 degrees during track use. As for the back, similar ducts channels cool air over the rear discs.

Suspension has also been turned up to 11. It consists of a harder set-up and uprated body rigidity that have had input from GT-R development driver Toshio Suzuki during testing at the Nurburgring. The Track Pack also comes with special dampers that, with a flick of a switch, will make the ride bearable for road-use.

The rear bench has been deleted and track-ready sport seats wrapped in what Mr. GT-R calls ‘magic cloth’ replace the front seats. It is made from a blend of fabric and leather, and is said to have a vice grip on the occupants during hard cornering and braking.

There’s also a Track Pack emblem on the dashboard to help set itself apart from the rest of the pack. This GT-R also comes with comfortable seat belts, enhanced Bose sound system and rear-view camera as fitted on the MY2012 GT-R.

This new GT-R comes at a price of £84,450, which is £10,000 more than what Nissan is asking for the standard car. This car is only officially available in UK and Japan.