There’s the Audi TT RS Plus and R8 V10 Plus; now there will be an RS6 Avant Plus, confirms Quattro GmbH boss Stephan Reil in an interview given to CAR Magazine UK. Keeping with Plus tradition, power is set to leap from an already ballistic 552 hp to around 600 hp.

Like the TT and R8 Plus, the RS6 Avant Plus will not be a limited or special edition model, Reil told CAR. As the RS6 was launched less than two years after the A6, the Plus variant should surface sooner than that.

CAR reports that an RS Plus range of models is being planned, and that it won’t just be a pile-on-the-power affair; weight saving is also on the agenda. “A Plus model could have more power, or less weight, and a Plus model should always handle differently to the standard car,” Reil told the publication.

The Quattro chief also said that a Plus variant of the RS5 is unlikely to happen as the 4.2 litre V8 is already pretty stretched and most customers want more power. “The naturally aspirated 4.2 litre V8 already has over 100 hp per litre – it could perhaps produce 455 to 460 hp, but that’s a 2% difference and you would not feel it.”

The first Plus was a run-out version of the first-gen RS6 Avant (pictured above left), introduced in 2004. The 480 hp (a 30 hp increase) estate featured improved brakes, a lower ride height, firmer damping and some bespoke trim options. Only 999 were built.

The second-gen V10-powered RS6 (pictured above right), however, didn’t get a power increase for its Plus model because Audi thought its V8 successor wouldn’t surpass the V10’s 572 hp. So some optional equipment was added, and the speed limiter was raised from 250 to 300 km/h.

But if the fire-breathing RS6 isn’t your thing, there’s always the more sedate A6 Hybrid at the other end of the scale. The dual-powered A6 has very recently been spotted on our soil and is expected to receive its local launch next month.