mitsu ca-miev

The Concept GR-HEV isn’t the only future-design vehicle Mitsubishi will be premiering in Geneva next month. The automaker is also set to deploy its Concept CA-MiEV, a study intimating the design direction its next-gen compact EV will likely take.

There’s little to glean shape-wise from the solitary pix of the car, save a rakish-looking light array and a far meatier shape than that of its current i-MiEV. Mitsu says that the concept incorporates a lightweight and aerodynamic body, as well as a slew of next-generation EV technologies that are under development.

The high-energy density batteries and high-efficiency motor, inverter, regenerative braking and wireless charging systems on call, allied to the lightness, is good enough to offer the car a cruising range of 300 km, nearly double that of the i-MiEV, which made its working debut in 2009.