Proton will be launching a new, more affordable car variant this Saturday at the Proton Edar outlet in Mutiara Damansara. The car manufacturer revealed this snippet at a media briefing today at the Kempinski Hotel Jakarta, prior to the launch of the Proton Preve in Indonesia, which is the fourth export market for the car after Australia, Thailand and Brunei.

While it wasn’t explicitly revealed which Proton model would be getting this new variant, Proton revealed that it will be a model with three-star ASEAN NCAP rating, which leads us to believe it is most likely the Proton Saga FLX+, which is an improved version of the Saga FLX.

Back in February, the Proton Saga FLX+ was graded in the first phase of ASEAN NCAP testing, obtaining a three-star rating. It’s fitted with the latest safety package, which includes twin airbags. Currently, the Saga model lineup is made up of the FLX and FLX SE variants.

According to Proton deputy CEO Datuk Lukman bin Ibrahim, the new Proton variant will enjoy a price reduction of more than 10%, achieved through value analysis and engineering, with no cut in safety, quality and comfort. He added that the new price is not a margin cutting exercise, which Proton doesn’t subscribe to. The new price will also be a permanent thing, not just a promotion.

We’ll get you the full details of the new car on Saturday, stay tuned!

UPDATE: Apparently the car will be known as the Proton Saga SV. Here are two scanned brochures that a reader dropped in the comments below. Stay tuned tomorrow morning for the full details on the Saga SV.