BMW isn’t the only company coming up with a performance coupe, as Lexus has been recently spotted in Germany testing what appears to be a high performance coupe version of the new IS. A BMW M4 versus Lexus IS-F Coupe battle is on the cards, if Lexus uses the IS name for its upcoming coupe. It is not a given, as BMW and Audi use a bigger number (4-Series, A5 Coupe) for their coupes.

The idea of an IS Coupe is not new. Paris 2012 saw Lexus wheel out the LF-CC concept, a two-door sneak preview of the IS, which is now the new kid on the 3-Series’ block. That concept was a mix of sleek and sharp, and although we can’t see through the camo here, it should be as bold looking as the new IS.

This is no normal IS Coupe, though, and the F signs include an aggressive front end with large air intakes, a small hood scoop, sporty multi-spoke wheels, big brakes and a quad exhaust arrangement similar to that on the IS-F. There’s also a pop-up spoiler on the boot lid. Nothing regular about all those.

What’s under the bonnet is anyone’s guess – will Lexus persevere with a big naturally aspirated V8 engine (not easy to meet European emission regs this way), or will it go the downsizing route like the BMW M4? Click here to see the Lexus LF-CC Concept.