The new F32 BMW 4-Series Coupe has been officially revealed by BMW, and when it hits the showroom floors it will replace the E92 3-Series Coupe. Like it’s four door sibling, it will come with various engines from a 420d all the way up to a 435i, and it will be joined later by a Convertible bodytype to replace the E93 as well as a new Gran Coupe variant.

The new 4-er Coupe has a wider track, a lower ride height and a longer wheelbase than the E92 Coupe that it replaces. The car’s widest point is the rear wheel arch, which helps with appearing athletic. The centre of gravity is said to be below 500mm, which is claimed to be the lowest centre of gravity of any BMW model currently on sale. It’s also on average lighter – up to 45kg lighter depending on the engine and equipment specified.

One new design element that we’ve already seen on previously unveiled cars such as the 3-Series GT are the air breathers positioned on the fenders behind the front wheels. These are functional items which help reduce drag in that area. No halogen reflectors here – xenon headlamps are standard, but you can also upgrade to full-LED headlamps.

As per the 3-Series Sedan, there are three ‘Lines’ (Sport, Luxury and Modern) as well as an M Sport package to choose from, giving the 4-Series Coupe four distinct exterior and interior looks. The M Sport package comes with the M Sport suspension, which can also be ordered separately. The M Sport suspension offers a firmer spring/damper setup and anti-roll bars. Of course the top of the line choice would be the lowered adaptive suspension option which allows switching between comfort or sport biased modes.

The interior is an evolution of the 3-Series Sedan’s, with most of the differences being on the door cards. Just like the E92 before it, there are automatic belt feeders to you don’t have to kill your back trying to reach for your seat belts. The iDrive controller is now upgraded to the latest Touch Controller, allowing touch and handwriting input.

The top of the line until the new M4 is out is of course the 306hp/400Nm 435i Coupe, which is joined at launch time by a 245hp/350Nm 428i and a 184hp/380Nm 420d as well. The numbers for these engine options are pretty much the same as the car’s sedan counterpart, and these options will be joined by other options such as a 313hp/630Nm 435d, 258hp/560Nm 430d and 184hp/270Nm 420i sometime in the future. Gearbox options are either 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic. The 428i and 435i can also be had with xDrive all wheel drive as an option.