skoda vrs man-pram 01

Erm, right. You can’t get your hands on one, but what a cool take on the baby buggy this is. It’s the Skoda vRS Mega Man-Pram, otherwise known as the ultimate all-terrain baby carrier.

This is one seriously full-spec’d vehicle – though limited to only one man (or woman) power output, it’s a veritable monster on wheels, standing two metres high and equipped with 20-inch alloys.

Plenty of kit too – wing mirrors, hydraulic suspension, oversized brake calipers, a brake light, anti-stress grips, sports-style upholstery and adjustable lumbar support. There’s even a high-beam headlamp for night walks. No idea about ride comfort, and operating range is only as good as how fit the ‘driver’ is. Still, the main issue with this one would be getting it into a vehicle – sedans are definitely out of the question.

The pram features in a new advert for the third-generation Octavia vRS. To celebrate the launch of the fastest Skoda ever, the company commissioned a team of engineers with the task of bringing the same qualities that go into the car to other everyday objects. The Mega Man-Pram isn’t the only cool thing in the video – check out the lawnmower and jackhammer. I’d like a vRS Mega BBQ set, yeah!