Here’s a video of the world’s strongest man Zydrunas Savickas setting a new Guinness world record for the ‘Most Cars Pulled By One Man’. In it, you’ll see that he towed 12 new Nissan Notes weighing in at a total of 12,941 kg.

A five-time World Strongest Man champion (not Mark Henry, WWE fans) and widely regarded as the one of the greatest strongmen of all time, Savickas only had one attempt to set the new record. Wearing a specialised pulling harness and rope arrangement, the 170 kg big guy pulled the 12 Notes over five metres, accomplishing the feat in just 32.9 seconds.

Held in Druskininkai, Lithuania, the world record attempt marked the end of the Lithuanian Car of the Year test camp with crowds turning out from all over the country to see their national hero set the new record.

On a more serious note (pun intended), the Nissan Note was displayed at the recent KLIMS13 motor show, and Tan Chong has revealed to research houses that it will be launching the roomy B-segment hatchback by the end of 2014. Below is a gallery of the KLIMS13 showcar – like what you see?