It is indicative of the bravado behind Skoda at the moment that it is introducing a stunning five-door coupe concept (and knowing Skoda, its concepts pretty much presage production models almost completely) barely twenty years after Volkswagen acquired the Czech carmaker, which had long been the butt of many a joke.

Making its way to the Geneva Motor Show is the new Skoda VisionC concept, which showcases the company’s sharp new design language in a more expressive and dynamic light.


As it happens, the sketch released earlier did a very good job previewing the frontal design of the car, the aggressive face transferring almost perfectly to the actual car. Triangular details feature heavily in the design, drawing attention to the Skoda family grille.

What we haven’t actually seen before was the rear end, and these pictures show a tail that tapers from the rear window in a manner similar to the Audi A7, which incidentally is also a five-door coupe. Sharp lines and angular surfacing give the car a crisp, clean look.


Skoda says that Volkswagen’s modular MQB platform the VisionC sits on allowed their engineers and designers to provide “plenty of room for four people and their luggage”. Under the bonnet is a turbocharged 1.4 litre TSI CNG/petrol engine, which the company claims consumes 3.4 kg or 5.1 cubic metres of CNG per kilometre and emits just 91 g of carbon dioxide per kilometre.

So, what do you think, is Skoda ready to go upmarket? No more doubling the value by filling up the tank, eh?