Earlier this month, we got our hands on spyshots of the new Renault Espace. Now, an interior shot has surfaced showing the centre console – a huge portrait-style screen similar to the likes of the McLaren 650S, the new Volvo XC90 and the Tesla Model S.

Not much else can be said on the new interior as only one shot has been leaked so far. Judging from the photo, we can see that the new centre console will be a lot less cluttered, as most of the controls have been integrated into the touchscreen. Settings for the air-conditioning and most probably entertainment system will be accessible via the screen, which only has minimal buttons framing it by the side and below.

The car was initially revealed as the Initiale Paris Concept at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. The new Espace has been confirmed by Renault to make an appearance at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

Massive touchscreen systems seem to be the norm these days – not just in high-end cars but also everyday ones like the new Honda City. Let us know what you think on touchscreen systems in the comments below – the beginning of sleeker interior designs or another possible distraction for drivers?

Renault Espace spyshots