Projekt Woerthersee 2015Auszubildende von Volkswagen entwickeln aus einer Rohkarosserie einen einzigartigen Golf GTI

A team of Volkswagen apprentices is set to come up with their interpretation of a Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk7– the special one-off project car is due to make its debut at the annual Worthersee meet.

The Worthersee GTI will be the result of a training project used by the vocational training organisation at VW to improve the knowledge and skills of its future specialists. The 13-strong team – made up of apprentices in five training vocations – began working on the project last fall when it collected a body-in-white from the Golf bodyshell production unit.

The group of 17 to 25-year-olds had already shared their own personal ideas about the GTI, and the car will showcase the ideas of how their dream GTI should look, sound and feel.

The team hasn’t divulged any details of what the final product will look like or have in the way of tech, but have revealed that it has opted for an innovative colour scheme for the car, with the painting being completed manually by the team itself. Guess we’ll have to wait to see what the special Worthersee GTI is all about when it premieres at the meet.