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When it comes to the Ford Mustang, there’s always a special place for it in the heart of every driving enthusiast. As we reported earlier, nearly 2,000 orders have been registered for the latest Mustang in the UK, and now we have news from the land Down Under too.

According to Ford Australia’s president and CEO Graeme Whickman, who was speaking to CarAdvice, pre-orders of the car have now stretched to almost a year long.

“We have quite a long waiting list now,” Whickman said. “At this rate we’re out to October/November of next year in terms of the wait list, which is positive to have a wait list for a Ford product, but it does present a determined effort to make sure we don’t anger anybody by having a waiting list,” he added.

The publication states that in May, Ford had confirmed that 2,000 Australian customers laid down a deposit for a Mustang, and surprisingly, another 1,000 orders have been chalked up in the past three months, which is truly staggering.

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“We’re around the 3,000 mark at the moment. I don’t know where that will go. We haven’t advertised the vehicle, nobody’s driven the vehicle, we are months away from actually having the thing in the market, so who knows where it goes?” said Whickman.

It seems that in Australia, the 5.0 litre V8 model is more popular than the 2.3 litre four-cylinder EcoBoost, while the automatic transmission is preferred over the manual. Also, Fastback coupe orders outnumber that for the convertible.

In Australia, the Ford Mustang Fastback EcoBoost six-speed manual starts off at AUD$44,990 (RM133,388), while the V8 starts from AUD$54,990 (RM162,788). The six-speed automatic gearbox adds another AUD$2,500 (RM 7,394) to both variants, while the convertible body style will cost another AUD$6,500 (RM19,240). So basically, The flagship V8 convertible will cost you AUD$63,990 (RM 189,448).

Here in Malaysia, meanwhile, the Mustang is open for booking, priced between RM435k-RM450k (EcoBoost) and RM550k-RM600k (V8). Makes you just want to ditch everything and move to Australia, right? Well, anyway, Whickman told the publication that demand for the EcoBoost variants should pick up when customers get to drive the car.

S550 Ford Mustang 5.0L GT Fastback – Premium spec, Performance/Equipment Group 401A pack