Still in the midst of dealing with the aftermath of the diesel emissions cheating scandal in the United States, Volkswagen will be presenting a new fully-electric concept at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next month.

No one is actually sure what form the new vehicle will take – the bluff front end and massive grille suggests that it’s an SUV of some sort, but some reports suggest that it could be an updated version of the Bulli EV concept from way back in 2011. The latter would hint that the long-awaited new-age microbus will finally see the light of day soon, although we wouldn’t count on it.

Whatever it is, Volkswagen claims that the new concept will see the introduction of affordable long-distance electromobility, perhaps bringing the technology that has propelled Tesla to stardom to the masses. Tesla itself is working on a more affordable long-distance EV, with its upcoming Model 3 set to cost USD$35,000 (RM151,000) when it goes on sale next year.

The company also promises innovative features derived from car interconnectivity, along with new display and operations concepts and the latest near-production-ready in-car infotainment technology derived from the Golf R Touch concept from this year’s show.