Please everyone keep your kids rear facing as long as possible! This morning me and the boys were on our way to koltons…

Posted by Kylee Barrett on Thursday, 14 January 2016

We can’t stress enough on the importance of child seats. Now, an incident in Tacoma, Washington, has been shared on social media by a mother who met with a terrible road accident. The accident involved her two-year-old baby, whose life was saved by a rear-facing child seat.

Kylee Barrett, who recounted the incident on social media, was in the car destined for school, some five minutes away from their home. As they were travelling along, the truck that they were in hit a patch of ice. Barrett swerved the vehicle to avoid hitting oncoming cars, forcing the vehicle to flip and hit a tree.

Thanks to the rearward facing seat he was in, little baby Hunter suffered a broken femur and some bruises and cuts. But looking past that, her baby survived.

In her posting, Barrett wrote, “my poor baby is okay, other than that, and I can say him being rear-facing is the reason why! And Kolton who is five, was in his booster with a seat belt and only has a bump on his head.”

“Please don’t use the excuse he doesn’t like to be rear facing or he’s too big! We all had to be cut out of the truck and thank God nothing more happened!” Barrett advised via her Facebook post.

Another Facebook user who shared Barrett’s post, noted, “this specific seat retails for USD$100. It’s NOT a ‘nice’ seat, but it further illustrates the point that you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your child safe. Use it properly every.single.time. The life of your child relies on it.” So guys, please take note of this incident because this could save your baby’s life.