Proton showroom

Fresh graduates who are bad paymasters towards their National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) loans are finding it difficult to obtain financing from banks. This includes securing loans to buy cars, property or even to obtain credits cards.

The report by The Sun pointed out that PTPTN loan holders are now included in the Credit Central Reference Information System (CCRIS) database. Financial institutions use the database to check the credit worthiness of loan applicants.

Due to poor repayment (translating to a poor credit rating), fresh graduates who are looking to purchase their first new car or motorcycle will have to look for other means of transport as their loan applications are rejected by banks.

PTPTN deputy chief executive officer, Policy and Operations, Mastura Mohd Khalid told The Sun that the low repayment rate of PTPTN loans forced the CCRIS move, which in the case of defaulters, can result in them being blacklisted on the database.


Most fresh graduates who are looking to purchase their first car will often end up in a Proton or Perodua showroom due to their affordable pricing. However, due to the aforementioned issue, sales personnel are finding it increasing difficult to shift any units.

A Proton sales adviser based in Muar told The Sun, “since this month, many new graduates have been unsuccessful in their loan applications. Details in their payslips may appear quite impressive with most applicants having low financial commitment. But when the bank officers view the CCRIS, they find that many had not paid their PTPTN loans for months, with some up to 37 months.”

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think the CCRIS move is harsh on fresh graduates? Is this a case of not being paid enough, or spending beyond your means?