Relatively lightweight, traditionally powered by a German heart, but still distinctly British is perhaps the description of Bristol Cars in a nutshell. “Bullet” is the name given to the production form of the Project Pinnacle drop-top concept car, which will see an official debut later this month.

The Bullet will have a chassis constructed of carbon fibre composites, compared with the use of aluminium on previous Bristols. It will be powered by a naturally-aspirated BMW 4.8 litre V8 engine, and rekindles an old partnership with the Munich automaker; the first Bristol car, the 400, was built from a BMW 326 with the BMW 328’s engine.

Conceived as a celebration of Bristol’s 70th anniversary in 2015, Project Pinnacle was the first car from the British automaker since the Fighter, which was on sale from 2004 to 2011.

Although there were considerations at the beginning of Project Pinnacle for the new car to be electrically powered, Bristol has chosen to retain the V8, as it says this is the kind of engine the brand has become synonymous with over the past 50 years.