Quirky low-volume British carmaker Bristol Cars (2004-2011 Bristol Fighter pictured) has announced a comeback under the codename ‘Project Pinnacle’, and what is involved is a new model that will be powered by a BMW engine.

This actually isn’t at all out-of-this-world, as Bristol Cars had strong links with BMW in its early years – after the war, it built BMW models and the 328 engine under a joint-venture with Frazer-Nash, then the British BMW importer.

Bristol’s first model, the 400, was an amalgamation of several BMW models at the time, and before the 1961 switch to big Chrysler V8s, all Bristol cars used derivatives of BMW’s 2.0 litre M328 straight-six.


But back to the present. The new model – Bristol’s first in over a decade – will celebrate the company’s 70th anniversary, paying homage to its heritage but promising modern, high performance and British craftsmanship.

Bristol Cars went into administration in March 2011, but was rescued almost immediately by Swiss company Kamkorp Autokraft which, surprise surprise, is part of the Frazer-Nash Group. Apart from new products and strategic technology partnerships, a new parts, service and restoration facility in Brentford, West London and a Kensington High Street showroom are planned.

‘Project Pinnacle’ is set to launch later this year – relevant or not, we can’t wait to see what happens when two old friends meet after such a long time.