2016 Treeletrik e-bike launch

A push to have 100,000 electric vehicles on Malaysian roads by the government saw the launch of the Treeletrik range of electric motorcycles, or e-bikes, by assembler and distributor Tree Movement yesterday. In an event officiated by Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, crown prince of Pahang, three models from the Treeletrik range were shown – the T-90, T-70 and T-Cargo.

The T-90 is an e-scooter with 84-volt electric motor coupled to a 50 AH battery. Range for the Treeletrik T-90 is claimed to be between 80 to 100 km. With a quoted weight of 115 kg, the T-90 is capable of reaching speeds of up to 90 km/h.

Treeletrik T-90 (left) and T-70 e-scooters

Also shown was the T-70 e-scooter that runs a 60-volt motor connected to a 30 AH battery, giving a range of between 70 to 90 km. Weighing in at 78 kg, the Treeletrik T-70 hits a maximum speed of 60 km/h.

Treeletrik also displayed the T-Cargo, a commercial/utility e-scooter that has a large cargo compartment located on the pillion seat position. Designed for short delivery trips in urban areas, the T-Cargo should find favour with food delivery establishments.

Treeletrik T-220 e-bike (left) and T-60 e-scooter

There are two other models in Treeletrik’s range – the T-220 sports e-bike and the T-60 e-scooter. The T-220 is a full-sized e-bike that runs a 96-volt motor that gives a speed of 120 km/h and 120 km of range, while the T-60 has a 48-volt battery that runs for 90 km range at about 55 km/h.

No word on possible pricing for the range of e-scooters, but Treeletrik chief executive officer Michael Yap said the T-90 and T-Cargo enter the Malaysian market by the end of September this year, while the T-70 would be available by November at a starting price of RM4,500.