To benefit the victims of the deadly earthquake that hit the centre of Italy on August 24, Ferrari will build an additonal LaFerrari, one more than the original 499 units planned.

The 500th LaFerrari will be sold at an auction, with all proceeds going towards aiding the victims of the quake, which has claimed more than 200 lives and injured dozens. However, Ferrari has yet to reveal any details when the additional car will be completed.

Production of the LaFerrari officially ended in 2015, with each being powered by a 950 hp and 900 Nm hybrid powertrain, which includes a 6.3 litre naturally-aspirated V12 engine is paired with Ferrari’s HY-KERS system.

This is certainly a nice gesture from the Italian carmaker, as a substantial amount of money can be raised from the sale of the limited-edition model, which will help victims of the natural disaster.

GALLERY: LaFerrari at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi