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The Nissan-Renault Alliance will announce big plans for Mitsubishi, including in the United States, once legal and government authorities approve the US$2.2 billion (RM9,118,670,000) acquisition of a 34% ownership stake in Mitsubishi by year end, Automotive News reports.

“This is not a deal where we say, ‘OK, we made the deal, now let’s think what we can do together,” said Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn. “No. The day we announce the deal, we’re going to tell you exactly what we’re going to do together. And it’s massive. It’s massive between Mitsubishi and Nissan. And also, it may be very significant between Renault and Mitsubishi.”

He added that plans have not been worked out specifically for how the three carmakers will work together in the US, but he said it will be something that goes beyond vehicle-sharing deals like how Mitsubishi supplies Nissan with small cars for Japan.

Ghosn intends to make Mitsubishi part of the Nissan-Renault Alliance, which has been linked in purchasing, management, vehicle development and research for over 17 years. “Mitsubishi in this case will join the Alliance. The Alliance is about developing synergy. We know that there are a lot of synergies with Mitsubishi and strategically we have a lot of connection,” he said.

In April, Mitsubishi admitted to manipulating fuel economy tests on certain vehicles it sold, resulting in the resignation of president Tetsuro Aikawa. The crisis eventually lead to Nissan swooping in to purchase a 34% stake in the company.