mitsubishi ek wagon

Another scandal has emerged, this time over fuel consumption figures – the culprit is Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC), which has admitted to manipulating fuel consumption test data on four mini-car models to present better fuel economy figures than that achieved.

The company announced yesterday via a statement that fuel consumption tests had been improperly conducted on the Mitsubishi eK Wagon and eK Space as well as the Nissan Dayz and Dayz Roox, which it has been manufacturing and supplying to Nissan since June 2013.

More than half a million cars are involved in the latest fiasco – MMC said that up until March this year, it has sold 157,000 units of the eK Wagon and eK Space and supplied 468,000 units of the Dayz and Dayz Roox to Nissan. Mitsubishi said that since it developed the applicable cars and was responsible for obtaining the relevant certification for them, it was the party that conducted fuel consumption testing.

Nissan Dayz and Dayz Roox

The issue unraveled when Nissan, in the process of carrying out research for the development of the next generation of mini-car products, performed its own tests to examine the fuel consumption rates of the applicable cars for its own reference. It found deviations in the figures, and requested MMC to review the running resistance values set by the latter during its tests.

Following the request, Mitsubishi’s internal investigation unearthed the data manipulation, which saw running resistance values for testing being tweaked to provide more advantageous fuel consumption rates, with results garnered from a testing method different from the one required by Japanese law. It added that the testing method had also been applied to other models manufactured by it for the Japanese domestic market.

The company stated that it has pulled the plug on production and halted sales of the applicable models, and said it plans to set up a committee consisting only of external experts to conduct an investigation into the matter in an objective and thorough manner. Meanwhile, Nissan said it has stopped sales of the affected models and will discuss compensation with MMC regarding this issue.