nissan dayz roox 01

It’s called the Dayz Roox, and it’s Nissan’s second model in its new Dayz minicar range. The tall wagon – which will be sold in standard and Highway Star forms – will be on display in Tokyo, and is slated for domestic introduction early next year.

It’s the second Nissan-Mitsubishi minicar offering from NMKV, a joint-venture company formed by both automakers in 2011 to develop minicars for the Japanese market. Earlier in the year, the Nissan Dayz and Mitsubishi eK were introduced in Japan.

The Dayz Roox features one-touch auto sliding rear doors, a battery-assist system as well as an Around View Monitor, and a host of keep cool kit keeps occupants comfy – the list includes a rear ceiling fan, roll-up sunshades and green UV-cut windshield glass.

In related news, a report indicates that Nissan will end its OEM procurement of minicars from Suzuki. The arrangement began in 2002, with Nissan taking the Suzuki MR Wagon and Palette models and rebadging them as the Moco and the Roox. The arrangement is set to end as early as next year, a natural process given the existence of NKMV and the growing relationship between Mitsubishi and Renault-Nissan. The Dayz Roox takes over from the Palette-based Roox in the scheme of things.