Nissan will officially launch the Nissan Roox compact car at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. The Roox will join other vehicles like the Nissan Land Glider Concept and the Nissan NV200 Vanette Taxi at the show. It measures 3,395mm long, 1,475mm wide, 1,735 m high and has a wheelbase of 2,400mm long which is only about 1cm longer than a Viva’s wheelbase so you have an idea of the size of this car. Interior length is rated at 2,085mm while width is figured at 1,365mm.

Unfortunately the Japanese auto maker did not disclose information pertaining to the drivetrain but did say that the Roox “ranks as the most spacious in its class”. It’s quite clear what the focus is here – a sufficiently big box to move around in. It’s probably going to get a 660cc engine since it looks like a Japanese K-car.

Apart from a drink cooler fitted inside the upper glove box, a storage box under the passenger seat for items like children’s toys and dirty shoes, dual airbags and front SRS side airbags and foldable rear seats, the Roox also has double sliding rear doors that can also be opened remotely with a ‘keyfob’. Nissan will present a “Highway Edition” version at the event. More information to be revealed soon.